Our Awards

Our Award Winning
- Honorable Mention MBK Graffiti Contest
- 1st Prize Young Creative Award [Product Design]
- 2nd Prize K-Battle Graffiti Contest 2010
- 1st Prize Thai Star Packaging Award
- Packaging Excellence Asia Star Packaging Award
- Honorable Mention Panasonic i do cool idea
- 1st Prize K-Battle Graffiti Contest 2011
- Honorable Mention Itd AEC Industrial Design Award
- Distinctive Academic Award 
Association of Privete Higher Education Institution of Thailand
- Honorable Mention Pullman G Hotel Graffiti Contest
- 2nd Prize Oishi SuperSize Chakulza Graffiti Super Pro
- 2rd Prize RSU Best Invention Award
- Faculty of Art&Design Honorable Student
- 3rd Prize Yamaha “Finovative Trendy” Design Competition
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